Watching all this with interest…

I haven’t posted for a while because I’m wondering where stuff in the US will lead. I’m shocked that an elected President’s executive order can be overturned by the unelected? I’m also trying to figure out why some people want the 3rd World to pour into the US? I read a book a few months ago called “The Camp of the Saints”. Shit in that book appears to be playing out right in front of my eyes even though it was written in the mid-70s? I’m also shocked how the UK media are now openly 100% against Trump. They now describe his presidency as “fledgling”?

I think what I’m witnessing is possibly the foundations being laid for a civil war. Just how long will law abiding citizens in the US tolerate the Left smashing up the place and defying the will of the people who voted for Trump to do what he said he would do. And he is indeed doing EXACTLY what he said he would do.

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