Virtue signalling celebs…don’t you just love ’em?

All I see on this liberal and rotten MSM is celebs moaning about how the UK should accept more trouble from the 3rd World aka migrants? Yet none of them will pay a penny towards the upkeep of migrants nor will they invite any migrant to pitch up a tent in the masses of celeb owned acres of empty land? But the MSM continue to hand out a virtue signalling platform to celebs? Why?

Whilst the UK continues to let in the shit of Eastern Europe and the 3rd World, you can bet your fucking arse that no celeb will ever deal with the nightmare of having such people dumped next door to them. Of course, the people who pay will always be the people who have always paid for dumb Govt. sponsored virtue signalling: the immobile working class. People who cannot up and leave when such scum has arrived next door to them. They are the people who simply cannot afford to take part in “white flight”.

Paul Joseph Watson has recently produced an excellent video on virtue signalling celebs.

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