Trump kills TPP, media has a meltdown…lovely!

TPP (or whatever it’s called) has been shelved by Trump, and quite rightly so. You American’s don’t realise how close you came to the start of a EU type superstate. Look at how the EU was formed, with ‘innocent’ little trade deals which did not require referendums. So what’s the point of the TPP now? After all, it should have been named TWPCTP (Third World Please Come and Take the Piss). This socialist nonsense line of thought that the West MUST hand over it’s working and middle class jobs to shitholes and shitheads of who despise the West, particularly the English speaking West, really has to stop.

And so the media is having a meltdown in the UK and coming out with shit like “TPP was a free trade deal which would have created millions of jobs in the emerging economies”…and at the expense of whose economy? The US economy!

The same shit has happened here in the UK. The EU has sucked out what manufacturing this country had and, just to finish us off, they’ve dumped a ton of Poles, Bulgarians, Romanians and other former Soviet bloc folk in this country, of who simply undercut the British working classes and low skilled. The disgusting liberal attitutude to this appalling state of affairs is “they’re simply doing the jobs which Brits don’t want to do”. Really? So who did the jobs before 2004 which was before Tony Blair opened the floodgates. Prey tell, who did those jobs? Our great manufacturing towns are now nothing but supermarkets and coffee shops. Tax credits gloss over the utter devestation in jobs and living standards caused by the socialist EU superstate.

Truth of the matter is that the UK has been invaded by Eastern Europe, a peoples who do not mind living 10+ to a rented property (that’s how house prices are propped up folks), who simply register as “Self-Employed” and so avoid minimum wage law. Meanwhile, they get free healthcare, housing benefit, schooling for their kids…you name it, they get it! Their relatives who still reside in those former Eastern Bloc countries are able to bill the NHS for their local healthcare costs? It’s a mess, it really is…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To the United States, you just dodged a bullet. Next is to extract the bullet that is NAFTA.

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