And what a different world I’m in since the forum days. Brexit and Donald Trump being two of the most significant events which I can remember in my lifetime. Oh, how great it is watching the the media in the UK have a meltdown over Brexit and then Trump. The UK is screwed yet all the liberal media bleats on about is diversity, LGBT nonsense, multi-culturasim, Brexit and now Trump. I just want to speak up and say what I think, and then I remembered my fave domain which I still owned: mgtowforums.com. Despite the offers I got for the domain (none as high as I wanted which in hindsight was a good thing) I decided to dust it off and launch “Nacho’s Blog”…lol

This blog isn’t here to attack or comment on other MGTOW sites. This is just my own space on the Internet where I hope to talk/write about MGTOW related stuff. After all, I am still an MGTOW but the past is firmly in the past.

Visit back soon for my thoughts and rants with regards to current affairs etc.



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