Gina Miller…WTF?

Who is this woman? How can this person be allowed to stand in the way of 52% of those (mostly in England) who voted Leave in the EU referendum? In fact, the clue is the bit in the brackets: England. A hatred of England, it’s history and the English people. I have no idea where this woman comes from, but one thing is for certain, she ain’t English and she has no respect for democracy. She is a foreigner and an immigrant. I couldn’t give a damn if she was born in the UK or has a UK passport. In other words, a dog born in a stable ain’t a horse.

A long time ago, the ‘establishment’ realised that immigration was 1) a huge mistake, 2) out of control and 3) could only get worse due to how 3rd world immigrants out-breed their 1st world hosts. So, what did they do? Well rather than confront the issue, they decided to take the easy way out that is to occupy the moral high ground: virtue signalling. They passed a ton of laws to silence and shame the native population into a reluctant acceptance of uninvited and culturally incompatible foreigners, a native population who were never consulted about the change to the nation’s social fabric. To enforce this nonsense, the establishment have on their side an unpaid SA, aka the Left, and who will jump on anyone who dare complain about the sheer number of immigrants in this country. So amongst all the shaming progressive keywords such as “bigot”, “xenophobe”, “racist” and all the other shit (such as violence c/o the Left), we also have this weird notion that foreigners can be “British-(insert 3rd world shithole anti-democracy and corrupt country name here)” and this Gina Miller calls herself a ”British-(insert 3rd world shithole anti-democracy and corrupt country name here)”.

Can you imagine it? Labelling yourself as an Indian-Chinese or a Saudi-Iranian? Nowhere on earth apart from the US, UK and some of Europe’s nations, pursue this blurring of nationalities shit? Why? Plenty of theories out there, but I’m with the theory that it’s easier to blur the lines of nationality to plaster over a state of affairs which is much more serious and is a powder keg just waiting for that right spark.

The overriding theme with the establishment in this whole sad state of affairs is glaringly obvious: they will not consult the people. All the immigration acts of Parliament from 1948 to present day were executed without a) the consent of the people and b) any indication of intention in a election manifesto of the political parties since the end of WW2. Not one manifesto of the winning party in General Elections since the War mentioned anything about accepting the peoples of the 3rd world and the former Soviet Bloc into the UK? No-one voted for this crap. Same applies to the EU treaties; not one referendum on the signing of those treaties? Yes, we had a referendum back in the 70s but that was for a common market and not for the membership of the new Soviet Union.

So, back in June 2016 the people, free of following traditional party political bullshit, finally had a chance to have their say and the answer was a big fat FU to those who rule over us. Yet here we are in January and we’re STILL in this EU? The establishment is doing all it can to prevent Brexit and this Gina Miller bird is merely one of their pawns. She fits their bill: non-white, foreign, and obviously has contempt for the English. Question her, call her out and you are immediately labelled a “racist”.

The establishment have not learned their lesson of the EU referendum that is “don’t take the people for fools”. For years, they operated without the consent of the people and, once again with regards to the referendum result, they’re taking us for fools. To those who voted Remain, the games you see before you are why so many people voted Leave, the British establishment is the politics Europe: “do as we say, not as we do”. To the establisment we are merely the plebs, we’re here to pay our taxes and not to questions them. We get a vote every 5 years but all we get is the same old Social Democrat Euro parties: Tory, Liberal Democrats and Labour. All of them are the same. You work, you pay your taxes and yet they sneer at you and pass laws to keep you firmly planted in the gutter of the multi-cultural shithole of which THEY have created.

This will not end well for the establisment.


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