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Thread: Any Command & Conquer / Renegade /Tiberian Sun fans?

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    Any Command & Conquer / Renegade /Tiberian Sun fans?

    Back in the day, I was pretty hooked on Tiberian Sun, then I got into Command & Conquer Renegade but I felt it was a missed opportunity. Then I saw this cancelled project and was even more annoyed because it looked so great.

    Some time later I heard about a team called 'Totem Arts' who set out to create an updated version of Command & Conquer Renegade called 'Renegade X'. Approximately 6 years later it is nearing it's first release on the 26th February 2014. I like that it will include the option of playing against the AI bots in offline mode. They already released a beta and a stand alone single player version called 'Renegade X Black dawn' though.

    Check out what they have done, it's the holy grail for any Command & Conquer fan!

    Below is a Dev play through showing multiplayer.

    Another great project that brings Tiberian Sun to life is 'Tiberian Sun Reborn' but it doesn't have the option of playing against any AI bots so it's online play only at the moment.

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