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Thread: Peanut Clusters

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    Peanut Clusters

    Okay here is something quick and easy to satisfy your sweet tooth. My Mom use to make these when for my siblings and I when we were kids and we loved them.

    1.5 lbs. almond bark
    12 ounces chocolate chips
    2 lbs. peanuts

    -melt almond bark with chocolate chips on the stovetop stirring on occasion.
    -then add the nuts, mix them up good.
    -now drop clumps onto wax paper and let them cool. Upon cooling the clusters will set and you will have Peanut Clusters.
    -I always put them in the fridge as I prefer to eat them slightly chilled.

    *Also this is the way my Mom always made them. But I make them now with mixed nuts instead of just peanuts because I love Brazil nuts, Almonds, and Hazelnuts. I always use un-salted nuts. And there is Chocolate flavored Almond Bark out there now so you can replace the Chocolate Chips altogether if you like. One think I never use though is Milk Chocolate chips for this recipe, it's just not very good that way IMO. I prefer either semi-sweet or dark for this recipe.

    I bring these to work every year around Christmas and my co-workers always say I should start my own candy company. It's really simple. Enjoy.
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