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Thread: The benefits of getting laid off

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    The benefits of getting laid off

    At the age of 28 I was self employed and making $13,000 a month. This never would have happened if I didn't keep getting laid off.

    At 23 I got a BSME and a full time job making 53K, then I was laid off.

    Moved to Colorado for a job making 64K, got laid off.

    Got a short term contract making $40/hr, contract terminated.

    Met a self employed "engineering consultant" and offered my services at $40/hr. He responded "I don't pay less than $80/hr". I created an LLC to invoice customers and began consulting together with the guy for $80/hr. That lasted 3 years. Eventually business slowed down so I took a salaried job where I'm at today.

    Moral of the story, if you get laid off, try to look at it as a raise.

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    I'll be free from this contract 11th Dec...I hope! They've put me on notice 4 times only to then ask if I could stay for a 'few weeks'. My shit was supposed to come to an end mid Oct so I suppose it's a bonus. I've been able to buy an Xbox, washing machine, tumble dryer and new PC based on these extensions.

    Dec and Jan are traditionally slow for IT contracts so I'm looking forward to ploughing some energy into this place and other upcoming MGTOW stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piedpiper View Post
    Moral of the story, if you get laid off, try to look at it as a raise.
    Fuckin... THIS!

    2010: Quit, moved, raise, promoted.

    2011: Quit, moved, raise, promoted, quit moved, raise, promoted.

    2012: Quit, moved, stayed same.

    Each time, I quit because despite being the most profitable motherfucker any idiot I've worked for has ever had the privilege of having, I was disgustingly under appreciated, undervalued, blamed for shit can't possibly be my fault. Each time told I'd be blackballed, each time rehired at a higher rate.

    There's a reason for that: Investors want to make 15% back in a year? I scoff. I have never gotten anyone back less than 400% of their initial investment in me in the first year, and that's people who suck absolute shit at retaining business I bring in. I did the math today: If I work for someone capable of retaining for one year only 50% of the business I bring in for them, based on my worst year, they'll realize a 650% ROI on hiring me.

    I need to post my own thread on this, get the story off my chest but more importantly solicit the advice of the members here. I clearly have some kind of talent I'm not tapping right, and I'd be an idiot to let myself keep getting screwed over. I need to be in binness for myself.

    But doubleplus megagood, totally agree. Getting laid off isn't denying me a paycheck, it's an idiot denying himself my service. Totally made my day to see this post.

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