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    Quote Originally Posted by RedNova View Post
    Alright, I just have to ask the older members and the veterans here:

    How are you capable of functioning as a man with that much weight on your shoulders?

    I couldn't imagine juggling all of these responsibilities...

    How are you all able to handle all of these things at once?
    It doesn't happen all at once. It happens slowly, and methodically. As TheDisgruntledGentleman noted - 'Incrementalism'.

    When the stress of work is the only escape from the stress of being at home and dealing with her complaints, sniping, constant chatter about nothing, and then it turns into criticism, of little things, of (her) being inconvenienced, of you not doing something right, of you not doing something the way she wanted, of you not changing the way you do something 'because she asked you, because she loves you and you should love her and 'respect her', bottom line - because she fucking told you to.

    She's mad about money. She still shops for bullshit, but it's your fault there's no money, even though she's spending money on things that could wait or simply are not fucking needed. Cooking is a pain whether you do it or she does. Cleaning up dishes is a pain, whether you do it or she does. Even with a dishwasher, and 'of age' children, chores are a yelling thing and not something she allows any discipline to be properly managed. She undermines authority. She starts fights to keep you awake and wired up at night. You're tired during the day. You're eventually tired all the time. Work is a mental break from home, but it's replacing one stress for another and you have to manage your fatigue so you don't make mistakes.

    She's unhappy. She makes sure not to show the discipline an adult should have. She raises her voice. she screams. She starts drama whenever she can. She continues to undermine the children's discipline, and when they are punished, she makes sure they know it's your fault they are being punished. She uses passive aggression to manage her relationship with the children. You being honest with the children is undermined by her whisper war about how you make it harder for all of them. The children resent any chores. They see mom not doing anything and claiming half the chores, so why should they lift a finger. Then they resent being punished with removal of privileges so defining proper discipline has become impossible in the home and everything wrong is because of you. You are the bad guy at home. You're not feeling well. You're tired. A few minutes or even a few hours is not enough to unwind and deprogram. You never really have a moment of time for yourself.

    She disrupts established schedules, especially after you've decided to just do everything. Even if you do everything, you will reach a breaking point. If you go on strike from doing 80, or 90 or 100 percent of the home chores, you're the one at fault because someone else in the home has to lift a fucking finger. She makes open attempts to demean you in front of the children, in front of friends, in front of family.

    She calls your work to bitch you out or to beg you to come home. She interferes with your job if she can. She complains you're home too much when she called you to come home. She complains about the next paycheck being short, when she demanded you come home. She bitches about you working too much and not leaving to come when she called. She does nothing but have the same conversation with multiple friends about the same shit she bitches at you about, and then thinks you want to have the same conversation with her as if it is new.

    She tried to convince you that her friends are your friends. You help 'her/your friends' out, but when the time comes, they are always are too busy to help you. You say no after a time to helping 'her friends' and now you're the asshole who never is a good friend to her friends and their husbands.

    She hates television shows you enjoy and does her own thing when you watch them, which is fine; it's an escape and if she doesn't like it, don't fucking watch it, but if she wants you to watch her shit that you hate, you're not spending time with her and you're being an asshole for not valuing 'being together'. She stashes money and lies about spending money on things so she can go shopping, while you put your christmas and birthday money toward bills and never do anything for yourself. She buys something, and you better not complain, but if you buy something, she wants to inspect it to see if you 'really' needed it. Anything she deems not needed, even if it is a need, is you being wasteful, but she never is wasteful when she goes shopping whenever.

    And it wears you down...over time. You're not sleeping. You're used to it. You have headaches. You're used to it. Everything is your fault ALWAYS. Nothing is her fault EVER. You apologize for not being smart enough to have just shut up and say 'yes dear' because you still have some self respect and that's a fucking problem because you're just supposed to be her fucking slave now and do whatever she decides even if five minutes later, she decides the opposite and blames you for shit she just said when she was the one to change her fucking mind anyway.

    You don't know if you're coming or going, but you're definitely not coming on or in her. She accuses you of sleeping with the neighbor woman, and you don't even think she might be projecting.

    Then, she's gone. You feel like total shit. You feel horrible. But this weight is lifted and you can begin to control your surroundings. Things are not what they were but it's quiet. Really quiet. You start to get real rest. You start to recover from the constant fatigue. A few weeks later, people tell you you seem like you're not in 'this fog'. They tell you that you look and seem to feel better, even if you're upset about the split up. Recovery has begun and it's a long fucking road, especially if you had kids and you're apart from them. there will be whole new areas of heartache and heartbreak, but the path you're on now is your own, finally.

    And that's the weight of the world, and you feel like drowning and suffocating, and at times, like pulling the trigger if you had one. But you don't know how not to keep trying and so you keep going, even through all that shit you did, and that you put up with, and you wonder, as you have, how in the hell you did it...
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    Classic Posts

    A thread for preserving posts that stand on their own.


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    I'll go out on a limb here and make an offer to the twat lurkers -

    If a nationally recognized feminist organization comes out with a position paper stating:

    1) that alimony in any form to either party is an insult to the ability of women to provide for themselves and all alimony should be ended immediately

    2) that child support should be capped at what it ACTUALLY costs to raise said child as determined by a statewide average using CBO numbers, and unemployed non-custodial parents should not be liable for any child support incurred while unemployed, and should be reduced when the non-custodial parent is in school, starts a business, or takes a different job

    3) that no parent should be allowed to live more than 20 miles from the other parent, and that a law enforcement agency be created in every state to enforce custody agreements, and make it a FELONY offense to intentionally deny or restrict visitation against the divorce decree with automatic loss of custody upon conviction

    4) that false allegations of domestic violence be punishable by THRICE the sentence that would have been suffered by the aggrieved party had he been convicted

    5) and finally, that an allegation of domestic violence resulting in arrest should also result in everyone at the residence be removed from said residence, and the premises be secured as a crime scene to prevent looting and the fraudulent use of the property (ie free rent from some skank you brought home from the bar)

    AND that same organization uses their considerable legal and political clout to get these measures adopted in just one state, the I, Womanhater, will cease commenting on gender issues ever again, and will make a one thousand dollar donation to the charity, organization, or political campaign of their choice.

    Needless to say, I think I'll be here for years to come fellas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDAM View Post
    I run into this shit far too often, and it's noticeably bad for my health.

    It tends to describe all women and all left-thinking people with unerring accuracy. The easiest way to spot them is to simply stick to one line of argument and wait for an answer. They'll give you fifty other arguments, ploys, and insults, and by the end they still didn't answer your argument.
    It pains me that minds of our configuration are so statistically rare that the odds of two of us meeting in real life are millions to one. Every post I read on here is like finding a message in a bottle, written by my true brother who is stranded somewhere on another island somewhere. One of the few dangers to avoid on MGTOW forums is the temptation to turn away from our IRL lives entirely-- it is an easy thing to do when it comes down to a choice between talking to those who you will never meet in person, but who understand you, versus people who are close at hand physically, but in any other sense are a million miles away.

    If there is one subject where I do not have many insights, it is in dealing with and coexisting alongside those who I know in my "real" life, who, beneath their surface appearance of kindness and gentility, wish the most unthinkable curses upon me, and who relish in the thought of my torture and destruction for no better reason than the fact that I am not willing to become a source of resources and attention for them to exploit.

    There is no man more hated in all the world than he that knows the truth and cannot be tempted or cast down by any conventional means. Our very existence destroys the integrity of their bubble of false security and indulgence, so it is not enough to ignore us and pretend that we don't exist. The thought that there is someone out there knows the truth and is willing to confront it is too much to bear- the unbelievers must be irrevocably silenced before what they have to say is heard by too many people.

    This forum is our Zion, and is the means by which this movement is permitted to grow and define itself. The sacred duty of preserving the pearl of great price has fallen to us, and I will continue to nod in approval as anyone who dares attempt to defile the sanctity of our dojo is unmercifully trebucheted out of our midst back into the cesspit of mainstream ignorance from whence they came. If there is even one place on the entire internet where reasonable people can have a voice without being drowned out or silenced by the das mann, it is more worthy to be fought for and defended than any hectare of land in the entire western hemisphere.

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    Great video. The most important bit is where he talks about the enemy hating beauty and strength. Our struggle against feminists is just one front in the war between natural morality - our natural values of strength, honor, integrity, beauty, justice, etc, derived from our inborn consciences or from God - and Marxist morality - an inversion of traditional values born from the organized resentment of the virtueless, extolling weakness, deception, ugliness, debasement, etc.

    The enemy is an evil so depraved that it seeks to destroy us, not in spite of our virtue, but because of it. Because our rationality invalidates their irrationality, our strength destroys the self-esteem of their weakness-worshipping followers, our personal integrity confounds their deceptive clamoring, and our sense of justice undermines their perpetual victimhood and demands for special treatment. In short, they hate virtue because they don't possess it, and those who do make them look bad, violating their self-esteem. They can't feel good about themselves so long as those of actual virtue exist, so they will do everything in their power to destroy us.

    All their rhetoric, debate, propagandizing, their conniption fits, exist only to disguise the true foundations of their movement: envy and resentment. These are the people who see a beautiful painting and want it destroyed or locked away because they couldn't achieve it. Instead of confronting and conquering their own viciousness they choose to destroy the virtue of others, either from fear of what they'll see when they look inside themselves, or from some natural incapacity. Women, having been created inferior to men in every conceivable way, and being over half the world's population, naturally form the base of this movement, so it's easy to see feminism as the source of the infection when it's really just the biggest blade in the Marxist arsenal.

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    Guys, although it may be good fun for us all to write "fuck marriage, I'm going my own way" etc. there is, however, a big fucking problem which we will all at some point face! Any of you guys watched a British made nuclear war film called "Threads"? That film was not about about nuclear war, it was about the breakdown of society, the end of civilisation with Nuclear War being merely the 'encouragement' for such an end.

    Society is breaking down and without the help of Nuclear bombs! The destruction of the 'family' and the institution of marriage is breaking down our society bit by bit. Sooner or later, one of us will be an old fuck who has no power to prevent the feral products of single motherhood from busting our doors down, splitting our faces in two and then making off with our small amount of cash. In fact, such shit is happening now?

    Some of you write about guns as if you're all going to be young forever? Some of you think you're going to 'survive' when this fucking shit collapses? In fact, the collapse will be some random young feral fuck kicking your door down and clubbing you to death because a) he/she knows you're an old fuck and b) he/she knows you're NOT expecting some physically fit animal to come bursting through your door.

    There is no massive collapse approaching, the collapse will be personal and will most likely cost you your life. The future is brutal social warfare between young and old which the media will play on to win more and more viewers whilst fucksuck politicians make more promises to come down hard on crime...NOT!

    The patriarchal society has ended, the matriarchal society has begun...again! Welcome in the new Dark Age!

    Support MGTOW Forums, go GOLD

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    Dear Men,

    A few generations ago, we decided to renege on our end of the social contract. We transformed marriage into a way to score cash and prizes, and unwittingly set into motion the decay of Western civilization. In the process, countless innocent men were financially looted, wrongfully imprisoned, or driven to their deaths. Sexual infection spread like wildfire. Tens of millions of babies were murdered in our wombs. Bastardy soared, and many of the children we did deliver were raised in fatherless homes, without discipline, and released upon society as feral drug-addicts and criminals.

    We opened the door to tyrannical and oppressive government in what was previously one of the freer societies in human history. We cackled with delight as we watched man after man receive his come-uppance, but we didn't really stop to think about the long-term implications of what we started. I mean, we were getting lots of welfare money and scholarship money and child support money and alimony money and paper-pushing-affirmative-action-job money and topping that off with lots of sex and wine and shopping and travel and magazines and TV shows and specialized healthcare and jeez... who could pay attention to men when you're getting all that?!? I know, right!

    But things are getting kinda tough for us now, so we're sorry. Think you could forgive us and maybe fix everything we fucked up?

    K, thx!

    -- Women

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