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Thread: Article on current generation of men

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    Article on current generation of men
    Nice article about men of the current generation here but even better is the comments especially this one i found "

    "This is more than just unemployment problems in a bad economy - I fear we have lost almost a whole generation of young men (and women to another extent) who have not learned what it takes to both be a responsible adult male - i.e. anything overtly mannish is taught as subversive and banned in school under the PC de-riguer of 'men can't be perceived as aggressive' - ha ha - the very natural male instincts that account for their ability to not just survive but to win and thrive - add to that a horrific school curriculum that does NOT teach today's required skills for employment - think math & sciences - and the video game culture of virtual reality which seems to be about the only place where boys are allowed to be boys and you've created the perfect storm for these young men who don't know how or what it takes to win in society or be responsible in society outside the video game arena - no wonder that anger, frustration, depression, male suicide ensues - but until we admit & try to fix the CULTURAL problem here that has emasculated men over the last 20+ years - even under the best growing economy - these issues are not going away any time soon - oh and parents - PLEASE teach your boys to be men because school and society is working seriously against you on this one...perhaps one salvo would be to have these young men go spend at least 1-2 years in the armed forces - at least there they would learn discipline, responsibility, order, what it means to work in the 'team' and that life isn't all about ME..."

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    I have a feeling with the extra 10% of men china and inida have (which roughly translates to 300 million men), added with any islamic country not giving two shits about women, they will inherit the earth in 50 years. Not because of the bad economy or because they'll invade us, but simply because feminists are running amok and the western world will collapse. The only regret I have, is that the perpetrators won't be around to bear the brunt of the suffering to come.

    Or maybe I'm just being cynical, after all, we all know a future ruled by women will be free of poverty, hunger and war. At least that's what they keep telling me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labasih;85784Good find. When it comes to the (ostensibly) wayward "whole generation of young men," who-- exactly-- has lost the most? Never mind that, notice the proposed solution is always a variant of: "man up." Never: "what can we do to better accommodate men?" [/SIZE
    Spot the **** on brother! EVERY one of these ****ing articles is akin to reading about how people aren't up to their eyeballs in debt, and how bad that is for banksters, payday lenders, credit card sharks, etc. There is NEVER anything in these articles about how the men themselves are any worse off, only the ****s and elites who rely on the endless moronic self sacrifice of men to their whims.

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    My favorite part about feminism is the part where men don't have to pay the women's bills. I 100% financially supported an utterly useless woman for 12 years of marriage then another year of alimony on top of that. If the trend is for women to get jobs and support themselves, I cant think of a better trend. I'm done being the walking ATM machine for women. If the younger generation is lucky enough to avoid the enslavement trap I fell into, I can only congratulate them.

    If you even think of marriage, get a prenup first. See how she reacts to it. That will reveal more than anything else.

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