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Thread: "How to Get Pregnant without Him Knowing"

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    The page has since been taken down.


    Bernard Chapin did a video about it:

    And while googling the subject I found other websites talking about this shit:

    Good grief look at all the ankles writing in trying to get tips on how to defraud their man...


    Any self professed "pull out champions" definitely need to read this:

    Stealing Sperm

    Dear Dinah,

    Simple question. Let's suppose a devious woman is giving a man oral sex and the man cums in her mouth. The woman goes to the bathroom under the pretext of spitting it out or rinsing out her mouth, but what she really does is spit out what she can into her hand and attempt to rub it into her vagina in a severely whacked out attempt to get pregnant. Is this a plausible scenario? Could this result in a pregnancy and 18 years of child support payments?

    Dinah answers: Simple question, tricky answer. The scenario is definitely plausible, if - as you put it - devious. What she is doing here is stealing sperm and if she does it when she is fertile and knows what she’s doing, this could indeed result in pregnancy. Regarding child support, that is likely to depend on your ability to prove in a court of law that it was deceitful and on the rigor of child support laws in your state or country. Some men have even sued women for doing this to them!

    Although the question of money is not insignificant, it is no less important than the idea of having a child in the world that you didn’t choose to have. It makes you rethink the idea of condoms or vasectomy, doesn’t it?

    Stealing Sperm – Part 2

    Dear Dinah,

    Okay. I want to sneakily get pregnant! Once after me and my boyfriend had sex I took off the condom before he came, I finished him off with a blow job. Then I went into the closet and flipped the condom inside out inside me and (note there is cum inside it) and put it into my vagina. One other time I gave my boyfriend a blowjob and he came in my mouth and I ran off to the bathroom and put some of the semen on my finger and yet again put it in my vagina. I know this is sneaky and I JUST really want to know if I can get pregnant this way?

    Dinah answers: The practical answer is yes, you can get pregnant this way and it has been done before. But doing this isn’t just sneaky; it is a major betrayal of trust and it could be a very uncool foundation for a child to emerge from.

    It’s your body and you have every right to make your own fertility choices, but stealing sperm, which is what this could be considered in legal terms, can lead to tricky implications. You may be hoping to get a commitment out of it, and it may even work. But he could also decide that such dishonesty is a bad place to keep building a relationship on. Sorry to be so hard on you, but you have to consider that fatherhood is something meaningful that goes far beyond the use of his sperm.
    Capturing Sperm

    Dear Dinah,

    I have been with my husband for a little over 2 years. We have a 13 month old baby girl and I want to have another baby to grow up close in age with my daughter. My husband is not against more children but, says he is not ready. I am a stay at home mom so I will be the one who is with the children mostly... and we currently have everything needed for a baby so I don’t want to wait.

    I want to get pregnant, but he uses the pull out method... My question is, how do I safely get his sperm inside of me and without him knowing? I have thought about catching it in my mouth and then going to the bath room to place it inside of me. How do I get it from my mouth to my vagina?

    I have heard a turkey baster will work but, that may look a little suspicious. Could I use a new baby nasal aspirator? I have also looked up conception caps to help but, they are so expensive. Do you know where to find cheap ones? Thanks for the responses.

    Dinah answers: I am afraid I cannot be of assistance to you, I simply cannot agree to be a part of your plan. As a partner, father and a potential father of your future child, he really deserves to be respected when he says that he is not ready.

    If the withdrawal method “fails” and you get pregnant, which is a possibility since withdrawal isn't very safe, especially during your more fertile days, then that is one thing. But capturing semen craftily and reinserting them, is stealing sperm.

    I would recommend that you invest your energies in trying to explain your needs and negotiating the conditions of having a second child. This will also make conception easier.

    Tampon Impregnation

    Dear Dinah,

    I am 42yrs old and desperately want to get pregnant. Is it possible for me to get pregnant by giving a man a hand job and taking the sperm, putting it on the end of a tampon and inserting it into my vagina?

    Dinah answers: First I must say that what you have suggested is technically “stealing sperm”. Having said that, there is a grey area with regards to using sperm that a man has freely given up without specifically saying he does not want to be used for fertilization, when he knows that you are not using contraception.

    If one wishes to insert sperm, placing it on a tampon is a bad idea, because the tampon will absorb the moisture and make it difficult for the sperm to survive. The best way known is using a turkey baster or some other injection that allows you to insert the semen deep with minimal touch. It is possible to do it with your finger/s, but this will not get as much semen into you and thereby slightly reduce the chances.
    Giving the Semen a Helpful Finger

    Dear Dinah,

    My friend is trying to get pregnant. She knows the days she ovulates and on one of her ovulation days her and her boyfriend had sex. She said that he pulled out and he had cum on her butt. She told me she wiped it off with her finger and inserted the sperm into her vagina. I told her there was a possibility she could get pregnant like that. Did I give her the correct answer?

    Dinah answers: You gave your friend correct advice. If the cum was still fresh and wet, she could indeed get pregnant if it was entered, whether by the penis, by a finger or by a turkey baster.

    But along with the technical advice you should speak to your friend about the consequences of getting pregnant against her partner's wishes. I wouldn't say that he is being totally responsible here, after all, if he is serious about not conceiving, he should use a condom or another safer method. But for her own sake, pregnancy is complicated enough without the added stress of a partner who is angry about such a deception. Or having no partner around at all. Its worth thinking and speaking about.
    Best Chances of Getting Pregnant

    Dear Dinah,

    I had sex with my boyfriend on the 12th an 15th of june and ovulated the 18th. on the 18th I was with an exboyfriend an we didn't have intercourse he never ejaculated in me or near me but he rubbed his penis head on my vagina I am 15 wks pregnant and I honestly believe I'm pregnant by my boyfriend I just want to know what are the chances of me being pregnant by my boyfriend or my exboyfriend....

    Dinah answers: Having sex and ejaculating inside you will give you the highest chances of getting pregnant. There is a much smaller chance with your ex-boyfriend, because he did not ejaculate inside you or close to the vagina, so the only possible exposure you had to sperm was via pre-cum, which is minimal.

    The chances of getting pregnant from sex before the day of ovulation are very high; sperm live for up to 5 days under the right conditions (which your vagina and internal tract offer); 2-3 days before ovulation is an optimal time for conception.
    A guy needs to know what sneaky life changing things cupcake could be doing behind his back!

    Do not trust these chicks with your seed yo....just assume she will swipe your shit if given the chance...and take all precautions.


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    That site is a gold mine for red pills.

    this may sound shallow. i have been married for 5 yrs now and been wanting to have my own child since. but my husband doesn't want to just yet. he's 21 yrs older than me. lately (7 days after my first day of menstrual cycle, b-t-w i do have a regular cycle) every time i would give him a blowjob i would run to the bathroom, spit it out and put the semen inside me, to the point that i can feel my cervix and rub it in there. will i get pregnant through this? what are the chances?
    Control your sperm.

    If you have sex on your ovulation date but only for five minutes and the guy does not finish and then the next day you have sex with a different guy but for a long time and he does ejaculate in you and then you find out your pregnant who is more likely to be the father?
    Always get a paternity test no matter what.

    i also have problems as the lady said before about having to use a syringe. my question is after he ejaculates, do i just use the syringe? is it sterile for him to just ejaculate on me then for me to use the syringe to suck it up and then just put it inside me? how long will the sperm survive after he ejaculates on me? sorry its so graphic just want to know im doin it right.
    Jesus ****.

    Dear Dinah,

    Can I get pregnant from an ejaculating dildo/strap on we place fresh sperm in it? Me and my gf want to have a baby but she has an over whelming desire to give me one this way. Im a little scared I could get an infection or it could damage my fertility.
    Lesbian trying to be a man.

    Dear Dinah,

    I am trying to get pregnant. I had intercourse with my hubby yesterday around 11 pm. and I fingered to orgasm myself this afternoon. I'm worried if i spoiled the sperm inside me. I actually inserted the finger inside my vagina.
    Well, she is trying to get pregnant. I'd be interested in finding out the ratio of women who actually informed their partner that they were attempting to get pregnant is.

    I have been pregnant 8 times. I have 4 kids. I am 34yrs old and my husband is 24yrs old. We have been trying to conceive for over 3 yrs now. He has recently heard of a female who claims to have birthed his child prior to us meeting. He has been with several other females never to have impregnated any of them and they also have kids not his. This female who says he's the father expressed it was a choice between him and one other guy so what are the odds of it actually being my husbands child when in fact he can't even impregnate women who are obviously fertile. I've looked at my husbands sperm under a microscope as well and they seemed to be just moving around in circles. Which leads me to believe it would've had to taken a miracle for it to be his child and it must be the other guys child.
    This ****er...

    Dear Dinah,

    is there something i can use to fall pregnant without involving my partner to test his sperm?
    Why can't you test his sperm? Because he'd find out you're trying to get knocked up?

    can you help me please, i want to have a baby with my boyfriend but he doesn't cum inside me, what i will do? i really want to have a baby with him and after that i will take care of my baby. we always used withdrawal and he pulls out before he cums. sometimes he cums in my mouth and i want to put it inside my vagina. is it possible to get me pregnant?

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    Tried the link and it went 404 - which is fine with me.

    I did see a few items in the FAQs that are disquieting:
    "How to get pregnant if your husband had a vasectomy"
    "How to get pregnant immediately"
    "How to get pregnant with a Turkey Baster"

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    BeijaFlor said he received error 404 when trying to download it. I can't seem to find it the normal way either. So for reference and warning, here's the "advice" courtesy of Google Cache (no step 4?):

    How to Get Pregnant without Him Knowing
    How to Get Pregnant

    Before reading this article please note that is always right and ethical that the decision to get pregnant be mutual between the father and mother. It is very unethical to get pregnant hiding from the man or tricking him into it. We suggest you always talk with your man and be honest with him. We do not intend to hurt the feelings of any men by publishing this article.

    The decision to have a baby should always be mutual between the father and the mother, but there may be times when a woman chooses to become pregnant without his knowledge. How to get pregnant without him knowing is probably easier than you can imagine. Whether you are looking to surprise your husband with the good news or simply want a child to raise on your own, there are several steps you can take to make that happen.

    Step 1: Know When You Ovulate

    Knowing when you ovulate is probably your best bet. There are several ways to determine when the egg has dropped from the ovary into the fallopian tube, among which are basal temperature readings, observation of cervical mucous and through the use of an ovulation predictor kit. While all three methods have been successful over the years, the most efficient would be the technology of the predictor kit which measures a spike in the luteinizing hormone at ovulation. It is best to have sex within a time period of a few days prior to a day or two after ovulation. There is a short window of time that both the egg and sperm remain viable for fertilization purposes.

    Step 2: Stop Taking Birth Control

    If you are taking any kind of birth control, obviously it will be necessary to stop as soon as possible. Whatever method you are using will prevent you from getting pregnant while you are actively using it. Some women are able to conceive when missing just a day or two of pills while others need to be off the pill for many months before they can get pregnant. Then again, some women take the pill faithfully every day and still get pregnant because they aren't consistent in the time at which they take their doses. Still others get pregnant while adhering to a regular schedule because it isn't always 100% effective. The point is, birth control will most often prevent you from getting pregnant with or without his knowledge.

    Step 3: Take Infertility Hormones and/or Drugs

    There are a number of infertility hormones and/or drugs on the market that have proven efficacy in helping you to get pregnant by stimulating hyperovulation. Taking these pharmaceuticals and herbal formulations can significantly improve your odds; however, infertility drugs like Clomiphene should never be taken for more than five or six menstrual cycles because of the potential they carry for serious side effects including ovarian cancer. There are many herbal products available that promote an increase in hormones that promote fertility which might be safer in the long run.

    Step 5: Insist on the "Missionary Position"

    It is common knowledge that the easiest way to get pregnant is in the conventional 'missionary position.' This prevents semen from leaking out before sperm can get far enough on their road to the egg. Try to stay lying down as long as possible and avoid douching immediately following sex. It doesn't make sense to insist on a position because it is known to provide the best chance of getting pregnant only to wash the sperm out before they can do their job.

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