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Thread: This weekend's furious red, Schönbrunn Palace-sized Austro-pill.

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    This weekend's furious red, Schönbrunn Palace-sized Austro-pill.

    PART I-The Page.

    Liebe Alle,
    I was thinking about to continue the other thread regarding Germany with this one, but since this can take some time I assumed that it could be my first thread.Hope only that this time I won't screw the text.Here I go. I was explaining the other day to you some of the best red pills of Austria and surroundings and somehow I forgot to tell ya about this one. A much smaller one at first sight, but that was only until today. As I was saying the other day, I discovered this place when I already took the ultimative red pill. It was a long and almost eternal internal process, but here I am, seeing the light after these years.

    This is one of the red pills that everybody sees while waiting for the underground ( sub-way) to come in the stations. A huge publicity poster stating 'Abortion doesn't have to be'. In the poster theres a teen looking kinda confused with her eyes pointing upwards like thinking: why me?, but at the same time, she has an air of...hey! maybe I can screw somebody to make it trough....Anyway, every time I saw this poster was needless to say my pill of the day even though was not named 'Red pill' at that time. Today I really don't know why, but I decided to watch whats behind the poster.Yeah, I know... I am kinda naive...what else? and Bingo!

    Just to start the corporate color of the web page is red, a bad (bad) sign. The name of the web page behind is : 'There are' . So my suspicious mind started reading the page. If the page says that there are alternatives is fine with me, just wanna know what the alternatives are in case my GF ( don't have one) plays the opssss act. You are a man, should be prepared.The main page welcomes the poorconfusedscaredtohelllittle**** ( sorry about that, I don't want to screw your language, but one of the best things of german is that you can put words together, and since german is not my first language I find it always fun) with a quote from Erich Fromm: ' The joy of the human beings lays in the love to life'....truly sublime.
    The page is obviously for the opssss pregnancies. Theres day and night somebody to talk to, needless to say....'beraterinnen'= the feminine word of adviser, so daddy's girl can be sure her totally accidental behavior will be totally understand. The final 2 phrases are: 'You are pregnant, but you are not alone' and ' an unplanned pregnancy, then you will meet with us the right persons!'

    If you are wondering how the page looks like, bitteschön!

    Is it me, or the girl on the phone is kinda looking like: now I will make the bastard's father totally kaputt?
    Theres a video also, ( the left one on SPOT) I won't translate all, but look how scared she is, she knows that this won't be easy. It says, 'of all the voices that you hear, maybe you should hear the silent one'. Another hit under the belt, and again, sublime. Lets move forward. The third column 'Female advisers' states: ' If you are looking for people with experience, you are spot on with us.We help you around the clock. We are happy to receive your call, we hear you, we guarantee you real help....BLA BLA BLA.

    Now its obviously shock time baby!, little**** knows already that she in 99% of the cases theres no way that she will make an abortion even if her family, her BF, God, and Justin Bieber tell her so, but the idea is still in her mind..... I will do it, simply because her inner hamster is running his wheel, cause is part of the movie, and also cause the most beautiful baby to be born on earth must be saved by these 'advisers' whatever it takes. Remember, theres alternatives, theres a way out. I will quickly flight trought ' Abtreibung=Abortion'.
    In a sentence, abortion is the most dangerous, mind destructive procedure any human being can think of (let alone undergo one)... in a world where heart transplants , transatlantic flights and satellites are everyday's thing.Anyway. Theres also a section of young women ( you can use teenagers if you prefer so) describing the procedure, some of the more rhetorical are:

    - Jasmin( 22 years old) :At the last moment i wanted to jump of the chair
    -Sandra: I woke up and the pain broke my heart.
    -Jacqueline: We can't become children anymore
    -Anonym: I was 15 and my mother forced me
    -Sandra:I was 16, and the doc showed me the baby, he was like a middle finger
    -Alline: I have that feeling that all babies look at my with bad eyes.
    -Mandy:I played the opssss with 16, and my father told me he would kill the baby.
    -Anika: I was 26 and had have already 2 abortions.
    -Sandra: I am 16, and scared that I won't have children after this.
    etc , etc.

    I you asked where this testimonials are taken from:
    (sorry about that, I know)

    So fellow MGTOW'ers, you made it till here and sure want to know what the alternatives are I assume.....really wanna know? Honestly before I read this part I thought what the alternatives might be: adoption, a substitute family, forget about the child or......a mangina!. And let me tell you, I was right, but I was close to miss, I was about to be left speechless by this site. Lets move to the 'Alternatives'. There a couple of paragraphs which are priceless that I really need to point at:
    The first one says: 'When women become unplanned pregnant means often a hard crisis in her life. No wonder that this means often to throw away her whole plans of her life! ((Sure, she is a mindless teen who following her one and only instinct gets pregnant and needs to change her already perfectly thought plan of life: to study, to avoid partying, to work her ass off, to avoid *****dom, to make sacrifices, and then.....find a man, have a family and make it work. I dunno your opinion Felllows, but at this point the poor rodent's tiny feet are on fiyah))
    The second says: 'When women in this situation think about an abortion they don't do it in accordance to their inner voice. Most times they decide on their own, but based on what their partners, parents or social circle think, or their education, job etc. But a crisis doesn't means always something negative. Actually quite the contrary, in most cases means a crisis a chance to change your life and to set new priorities.((Sure, theres a way out no matter what the people says and again, its time for a change, so forget your perfectly planned life, this will be easier))
    And the third one:'Maybe you are in the situation. The decision that you will take will be with you your whole life:a baby will bring you new things and challenges. With an abortion your life won't be like as it used to be'(( Dawm little girl, you are so stupid so short sighted that a bunch of die hard feminists must tell you that if you do it your life will be different, reads: much more complicated))

    So, ( sound of trumpets) alternatives are:

    numero 5: Baby hatch: not the most brilliant idea a mother can have even if the baby gets instant help at the hospital ( paid by me). She really doesn't need any document to do so and the Kind will be given to adoption. I am kinda sure though that as a father can not use a baby hatch.

    numero 4: Anonymous birth: As a mother you can ask to do so. The Kind gets a free medical examination ( paid by me).Again, no questions needed, no jail, no nothing.The king goes to adoption and the Mutter can still claim the child, and only she can inform the child about her identity.

    numero 3: Adoption:' To give a child into adoption is for every mother difficult, this is kind of the last exit' Bla, Bla , Bla, see numero 4. ( Procedures paid by me)

    numero 2: Substitute family: When a mother in the current situation cannot support her child, but is possible that the situation changes she can use a kind of temporary family who takes care of the child till the mother is ready to do so. She can visit the child. ( Paperwork paid by...)

    and the gran numero 1 is: ( I quote): ' How did it Women with their babies?' Its kind of strange 'alternative' name I must confess, but here is (well hidden) what I was expecting for, no way brother, this site would not fool me at the end.This is what I knew I would, How did it Women with their babies?

    A) Rahel (19!)_Opsss with 17!!!, she managed to keep her mangina.
    B) Wiebke (20!)_Opsss with 19. I was doing an internship, the mangina dropped me, I had a huge crisis. I have my own apartment and continue with my studies.The mangina is back again.
    C) Katrin (23)_Opsss with 18!!. I didn't have the school done and neither a job.The father didn't wanted but now is the proudest dad on earth(Sure he is)
    D) Mel (23)_Opss with 20.
    E) Tania(16)_Opps with 15( record so far), the father is still with her( Obviously not, but I have no way to know)
    F) Saskia (18)_It was really difficult, it turned out that I needed to have that baby with or without the father.We are a family now.(Sure you are)
    G) Sabrina(19)_Opsss with 19, had no education, no money no apartment and so was her mangina.
    H) Ciara(20)_Opsssssssssssssssssss with 14. Her child died however..... I lost count of the punches under the belt, sorry.
    I) Ildi(18)_Opsss with 17

    ..... but I still haven't found, what I am looking for...... but I still haven't found, what I am looking for.....

    J) Nadja (20)_Best story so far.'Pregnant, dumped and raped'. I ll write so more about this one. 'With 16 went to the gyno, wanted to get a prescription for the pill but it turned out I was already with my belly full of bones. Then I thought:no education, no job, no BF. My mom wanted to let me sleep on the streets, but the social workers convinced her not to so till I become 18. I knew the bastard's father since 3 years, but he was not ready for it.Got an apartment and I meet Markus soon.Love at first sight?.No, but I put myself under pressure, with all means to find a dad for the bastard' ( I mean, for Pascal) Achtung Brother!!!! WTF, this one gets better and better. Pascal was 8 months but I was breastfeeding him but my period was not there, so we thought my belly could not be full again.Big mistake. My mom didn't talk with me.Markus putted pressure on me but I decided to keep this one also'(yeah, what else?_I won't think I can cope with this one). The dream collapsed when I saw Markus kissing another ****, now I am alone with my huge belly, and Pascal( the first bastard) yelling to me. So Julian was born but I was scared to hell....''I was pregnant again ( Yeah Baby,what else?), this time I was raped, and yes, I also wanted to keep this one.(Yeah B.....). I LOVED THIS BABY, CAUSE IS A PART OF ME AND NOT A PART OF HIS GROWER WHO IS IN PRISON, IT WAS MINE!. But the tragedy was complete when I gave birth on a toilet...The child died with 17 weeks'. The story ends there.This one ain't a normal hamster. Its a 70kg full grown capybara running at nearly the speed of sound.
    Wanna guess who pays for the 2 bastards?

    K)Nathi(16)_Opssssss with 15.The bastard's father took his 'fatherobligations' (German is funny isn't?) and pays child support.Thank you Nathi.

    I cannot take it anymore, in case you can, there are 14 happy stories awaiting you.
    And, yes, I know who the hell is paying for the motherfuking posters.....dont need to tell me!,and in case you wanna pay some more, obviously their Bank account is there.

    (((( Part II has been written already, will be sent once this one hopefully makes it through/Don't know the maximum size of a post. Thanks)))
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    Part II- Corollary.

    Do you really still need a ****ing corollary? Ok. Here I go. In supposedly the city with the best quality of life in the world, in a city where people are always proud about how important culture is,in a city of the first world, in a city where..... divorce rate is 65%. In a city where some posters of a famous cola beverage are the same size of posters telling young women that everything is gonna be OK.Just follow your most basic instinct!, take the opsss path!, don't worry, cause you will succeed, we big brother will be sure that you will succeed.

    Is not that I waked up yesterday to this and I am schocked, but still is hard to accept that society is totally ****ed up beyond repair. Sometimes I try really hard to understand, you know, maybe as people get older (I am 34) see changes in a critical way, that 'old times were better'. But not. I cannot convince myself that its me, and this is precisely the best thing about this forum. Its not that I think like you at all, but the fact that we think, thats the key. Its not about women this and women that or society this and society that, but about why women and society this and that.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record and in case still some of you has not seeing this yet. Why women get pregnant even if men gave them at least a dozen methods to avoid so? Cause it is their very true and only nature, and it will be always like this even if you give them 1000 methods. And thats precisely the reason why you cannot win, and never will, in case you are new here, you better listen to the boys. You can bang her, have your fun, but you can never win. Wanna hear something scary? Imagine all the lust that you have had in your life, yeah, I mean all the time you used to think about sex and having sex in your life, now imagine that she used the same amount of time thinking about having a baby and letting somebody pay for it.....scary hmmm? It could be you. Its nature, and its the reason why you cannot win. Its not that you are trading sex for sex, money for money, support for support, your life for her life, your dreams for her dreams, a time with your child for an equal amount of time. Its not like that. At all.The trade goes like this, as less sex as necessary for money(as much as possible), support, your life and your dreams and, yes, I forgot the children. The list is not conclusive. I don't want for my children a society that tells young women ( partly teenagers) to do the opsss and everything is gonna be all right, let alone the 65% chance of being a living dead.I know it will sound like your grandpa telling you, hey son , there aren't ****ing moral values anymore, but they simply aren't!

    I am a responsible man with a dream job who pays 37% of what I earn in taxes, and I am done paying for the irresponsible behavior of others. Every single Euro after taxes belongs to me, and if you don't agree with me belongs to myself,if you still call me an egoist, well, it belongs to 'I'.Do I need to man up like DER SPIEGEL said and look the 65% figure in its cold, icy eyes? What kind of stupid do you think I am? No, thank you. Its exactly like the chorus of a song by fellow Trevor Rabin: (Cover up inside!) The more you learn the more you hide.

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