Our forum isn’t ruled with an iron fist and the staff do their very best to apply a light touch approch to forum moderation. However, as with most forums, we do have rules that MUST be followed. The rules are there to provide YOU and other forum members with a positive user experience whilst participating at MGTOW Forums, to ensure that MGTOW Forums complies with the Terms of Service (ToS) of our host and, ultimately, to comply with the laws of the United Kingdom:

  • You MUST NOT discuss or participate in discussions which are based around committing acts of violence - past, present or future tense - to a person or persons i.e. stories about mindless fist fights, use of guns and knives. This also includes posting or 'quip-ping' idiotic statements of violent acts, intentions of violence and/or posting up videos or images of violent acts which are based on mindless criminality and/or thuggery and/or stupidity.
  • You MUST NOT issue threats of violence and/or engage in the intimidation of other MGTOW Forum members via the PM system or forums i.e. abuse via Posts and/or Threads.
  • You MUST NOT promote or plug religions, cultures or political ideologies which promote acts of violence and/or persucute against a person or persons and/or sections of society.
  • You MUST NOT hijack or derail threads with random nonsense which bears no relation to thread topics.
  • You MUST NOT join the Forum with the sole intention of starting flame wars etc.
  • You MUST NOT post up material, posts, threads, discussions, videos and/or pictures which are intentionally racist. This includes offensive words and statements which are used to describe the colour of a person’s skin and/or race.
  • You MUST NOT post up material, posts, threads, videos, pictures or discussions which encourage or glorifies cruelty to animals.
  • You MUST NOT post up file sharing links or material which you are not authorised to share, this includes ALL copyrighted material whether in or out of print/production.
  • You MUST NOT post up material, posts, threads, discussions, videos which are based on breaking the laws of the UK and/or your own jurisdiction. This includes discussions based on stealing and/or fraud.
  • You MUST NOT use MGTOW Forums as a launch pad for attacks on other Blogs, Forums and Sites which you do not agree with or have been banned from. Nor will you claim to write or speak on behalf of MGTOW Forums on other Internet based outlets without the express permission of the MGTOW Forums management team.
  • You MUST NOT use MGTOW Forums as a place to vent your sexual frustrations and/or sexual fantasies.
  • You MUST NOT post up any images or videos, or links to either, which are pornographic in nature and/or are from porno tube sites.
  • You MUST NOT post up nut job conspiracy theories which could cause offense or are just plain dumb.
  • You MUST NOT spam the forums with affiliate links in your signature or as part of a thread or post. NO SPAM ALLOWED!

All of the above are banning offences but we may, at times, exercise discretion i.e. temporary post moderation, based upon the offender's track record. Newbies who straight away break the above mentioned rules will be identified as Trolls and summarily banned! All we ask is that members exercise COMMON SENSE when participating on the Forums.

Finally, please bear in mind that MGTOW Forums is not a Doom and Gloom mongers paradise, so articles/threads/posts that are posted in a “all men are great, all women are bad” tone will be removed! MGTOW Forums is not a misogynist’s paradise nor are we ‘Gang Stalkers’, ‘Homos’, ‘Zionists’ or whatever the Internet nut jobs have labelled us! We’re just a bunch of guys who are HAPPY going our own way!

Thank you for cooperation!

MGTOW Forums