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Thread: Conservative candidate Payam Tamiz quits over Facebook '****s' slur

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    Conservative candidate Payam Tamiz quits over Facebook '****s' slur

    Margate Mr Tamiz said it was "impossible to find someone with morals" in Margate

    A Kent Conservative election candidate has resigned after referring to local women as "****s" in a discussion on Facebook.

    Payam Tamiz, 21, was due to stand for election to Thanet District Council's Salmestone ward, in Margate, on 5 May.

    The Conservative Party called the comments "outrageous and unacceptable", while Mr Tamiz, of Margate, apologised "unreservedly" for any offence. What do you expect from a party that worships women and tax paying White Knights/Manginas?

    Labour, the Liberal Democrats and UKIP have also condemned his comments.
    'Poor judgement' Err, excuse me *******, being a member of the Labour Party is what a lot of folk would call Poor Judgement!

    Dan Daley (aka White Knight Girlie Shirt Lifting Toss-Piece), a Lib Dem member of Kent County Council, said Mr Tamiz's comments, made in July last year before he was a Conservative party member, were "lacking in judgement".

    He added: "If he has made these disparaging remarks about women then the man is exceptionally foolish, particularly when he's standing for local election in that area, and particularly when 50% of the people he wants to represent are women." So making such comments about men is fine then?

    During a Facebook discussion in which he said he wanted to "settle down with someone decent", Mr Tamiz claimed it was "impossible to find someone with morals and a bit of self-respect". The man is 100% on the money!

    He continued: "It's the ones that look respectable and decent but underneath it all are complete ****s that you got to watch out for." This guy is a MGTOW material!

    Facebook grab Payam Tamiz made the comments before he was a Conservative Party member

    The University of Westminster law graduate also said women in the area were "completely shameless".

    He said he now wanted to move on and put his "poor judgement" behind him. He meant "good judgement".

    He added: "I understand my Facebook remarks were inappropriate and unacceptable and I unreservedly apologise for the offence I have caused."No, your remarks were correct!

    Labour MP Heidi Alexander criticised Mr Tamiz and questioned the Tory party's judgement.

    "People will rightly be asking how someone with such disgraceful views came to be selected as a Conservative candidate in the first place," she said. Very rich coming from a Leftist Feminist Labour Party ****!

    Mo Elenor, UKIP's co-ordinator for East Kent, called the comments "ill-advised and inaccurate". That **** needs to mind her freakin business!

    Props to Mr Tamiz!

    BBC News - Conservative candidate quits over Facebook '****s' slur
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    Payam Tamiz.

    Indian or Muslim?

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    When women are picky about their mates: They have standards, they have self esteem, they deserve the best!

    When a man is picky about his future mate: *******! Pig! Hate mongerer! Small dick, gay.......etc.

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