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Thread: Where have all the good men gone? Yet another confused article

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    Where have all the good men gone? Yet another confused article

    Where Have All the Good Men Gone? Ask the Women, Too. « Acculturated

    Another confused article on the topic. The writer almost comes close to hitting upon the truth but then completely misses the mark. Some of the comments are spot on. I posted a reply that is awaiting moderation.

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    *EDITED A SECOND TIME BECAUSE ITS A "He" and not a "Her"...fooled me.*

    To shorten his thought process here is how it looks.

    1. Where did all the good men go?
    2. Ah radical feminism must have done it.
    3. You know..Now that I think about it..Men have it pretty bad academically.
    4. Hmm girls are taught that they control the future and the men "Good luck"..
    5. But what if..*Hamster generator kicks on killing his remaining logic receptors in his brain*..Huh?
    6. .........
    7. OH RIGHT!!!
    8. Yep its mens fault.

    Can't tell you how many articles like this repeat this same process of nearly "Getting it" while some even give the correct answer and get wishy-washy about it or straight up deny it/ignore it.

    Its like watching "Wheel of Fortune" when you know the answer and the person acts like they have it on the tip of their tongue.
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    it really baffles me how people continue to ask this question when the answer is so blatantly obvious. the good men are taking themselves off of the market because the market does not have anything worth purchasing. why would I go and spend 100,000 dollars on an old broke down jalopy with too many miles when I can spend half that on a prime sports machine...woman vs. car in this particular instance.

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    The article that is referenced is even more poignant.

    The Weaker Sex - Sandra Tsing Loh - The Atlantic

    Especially this comment:

    "I never cheated, although the temptation for any tiny bit of human love and affection, when you are living with a person like this is almost overwhelming. Thank God for the children, who at least are not afraid to climb all over you. Yes, contact is good, for all mammals, I believe that studies show that offspring of many species, including humans, simply die without contact.

    Which is why the idea of one of these power babes, like my wife, could somehow actually enjoy one of the most necessary behaviors in our species, sex, is absurd.

    First, that would be "giving" you something. Nasty, high-powered people, don't do this easily. What are going to do for them? Since you are already doing everything for them anything, I mean you "should," be, already anyway, right? they have little to gain from it. Seeing you happy simply does not register to them. Good hormones for everyone, who really wants that anyway?!

    In my case, I have but a measly 100K a year to contribute to my wife's salary as a physician, which may seem like a lotta money, but hey we live in Connecticut, and she has an incredible arsenal of credit cards. Yes, somehow it happened, that this poor lady has been so shackled by the near half million we pull in each year, that she simply must overspend all the time. Yes, you guessed, I could "contribute a little more," is a refrain that understand well.

    Yes, I do the lion's share with the kids, they always go with daddy to the grocery store, and they sometimes help me to cook too. Indeed, I really don't know how I would manage without the little guys, they keep you going, even when other people in the house don't seem to notice that you are alive! Yes, she like salads, and yup, if it's not a salad, we are indeed "undermining her."

    Did I mention that we buy flowers for mommy every time we are at the store, not just on special occasions? This has got to be between 2-4 bouquets a month, x 8 years. Human gratitude for that, sorry, no time, mommy is so busy and overwhelmed being a "famous" person outside the home. Everyone wants to spend time with her, so you have to understand that she can't possibly have time with you. Flowers well "of course you buy them for me, you should."

    Yes, you guessed it. Today is Columbus Day, and I am home with the little buggers, we may work on Halloween costumes, right now we have been playing with the pet salamanders we caught last week. I do have a lot of yard work. I do all this, and it helps to keep me fit. Also raised an organic garden this year with our boys. We do Cub Scouts and baseball too, I was the coach this year.

    Yes, you guessed, it, with the 2 mortgages she took out on our home, to open her own medical practice, where she can rule with respect she deserves, she has to work today. Her terrible life!

    What you may not have guessed is this. She left us a couple of months ago, came home in a drunken rage to let daddy know how he has been failing her. Indeed, she expressed wishes that she never met him, he has been such a poor performer in his chief position of making her happy. She sobered up the next day, and told me she already had an apt.

    The she moved out letting me know that she was going to think about if for 6 months, and then, if she was ready, she come back, but she advised, she may need another six months beyond that, who knows that was no guarantee either. The she left for her new place, which is in an undisclosed location here in our town. When I asked why she pointed to some kind of a book she bought on her to leave your husband. Oh, ok, if that's what the book says....

    Now I ask you, do you really think I want this person back in my life in 3 or 9 months, when it "works for her?"

    This is a person who promised before God and everyone to love, cherish, and care for me.

    Are you kidding, to do those things with me would equal some kind of partnership. No way, why would you want a partner when you can hire people to do things for you, and they don't want a darn thing back, except money?! You can treat them all like the bistro waiters and retail sales people that they are...!

    Now she has a therapist for 175/hr, a lawyer, for 400/hr, and she told me that all the women in her women's group told her that they regretted not leaving their loser husbands a long time ago. She also pays a babysitter to watch the kids when she is too busy. And, it's such a small town, that I know she can't be more than 5 minutes from her favorite take-out restaurant.

    Hey, now come to think of it, with all this going for her, why on earth would she ever want to get back together with me, the failure, the loser who can never get the last 10% perfect for her. That's why she can't be happy, I'll never get that last 10% perfect, and I'll be the first to admit it".

    Just say no to marriage. As a man, your chances of happiness are Buckley's and None.

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    The author does come a lot closer than other "WHATGMG" (Where have all the good men gone) articles. He points out that feminism didn't go exactly as planned in his words, a "post-feminist nightmare" is where we are now. But I don't think he realizes that "good men" mean different things to women depending on their biological clock.

    For younger girls a good man is one who's rich, powerful and gives her the gina tingles(like Gronkowski in that pic). When they're young they have no problem finding those good men. But when they hit 30, their looks fade, their biological clock starts to countdown and it becomes a mans market. Those previous good men are either banging younger girl, married to one or just moved on altogether. Now these girls want a marriage 1.0 guy(stable provider). They basically want feminism when it's helpful for them, but want traditional gender roles when the chips are down. And he doesn't even talk about what a crapshoot slavery marriage is. That's a whole other can of worms, but if he looked he would've found the answer to that simple question.

    So he's close, but missed the mark.

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    Check out this comment: TMG is one of us.

    TMG February 15, 2013 at 11:04 am #

    Some of the good men are snatched up by good women and enjoying their lives. Other good men are looking at the extreme paucity of good women, and at the atrocious disaster that awaits them if cupcake decides to divorce him, and abandoning the idea of marriage entirely.

    “Good” women have been criminally negligent in allowing man-haters to create a hostile environment in society. And if women with a fondness for a healthy male-female dynamic want to salvage what’s left, they’d better get to work really really fast challenging feminism and reforming marriage laws.

    Speaking personally, I am fed up with the self-centered entitlement and solipsism of women and I tell every young man who will listen to abandon women and marriage. There are millions like me, and we are growing.

    So women have a choice- they can stand by while the man-haters keep doubling down, or they can pull on their big girl pants and stand up.

    Don’t say nobody warned you
    It is an alien concept to women, however, to change a paradigm that benefits them in the short run for long term gain.

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    "One gets the idea that these women are incapable of sustaining a lasting
    relationship with another complex human being because there isn't
    enough air in the room for anything but their egos."

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