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Thread: "Juicing" - Anyone tried it? (Not roids, fruit and veg diet)

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    JC Denton,

    For your digestive problems, juicing is certainly a good alternative to consuming heavy, constipation-inducing foods (this is primarily because you will be intaking food in fluid form). However, if you have the option, I recommend blending instead.

    When you juice, you remove almost all the fiber content of your chosen fruits and vegetables. Blending will create a thicker shake, but you will retain all of the fiber content as well as any additional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are lost in the juicing process. This will help significantly with any GI issues, as well as adding no extra calorie content to your shake. You also waste less of the vegetable or fruit in comparison to juicing.

    If you are even remotely diabetic or insulin sensitive, blending is -definitely- the route you want to go. Juicing tends to spike the blood sugar, particularly with fruit juices, because your body is absorbing the glucose at a much faster rate since the fiber content has been removed. However, it can be more useful to juice if you are doing it strategically (for example, post-workout) for the express purpose of speeding up nutritional absorption rate for protein (though other simple sugars, like glucose/dextrose, is far more effective for this than fructose).

    Just some 'food' for thought.
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    Lately I've been doing this recipe:

    5lb carrots
    14 apples
    4 big cucumbers
    4 zucchinis
    1 2.5lb bag of spinach
    1 red beet
    about 2 oz of ginger

    I mix that with a raw vegan protein, which has a shit ton of vitamins and all other manner of good stuff in it
    As well as: hemp pro fiber, which also has protein, on the womanhater advice to use hemp seeds as a source of omega 3 for my joints istead of fish oil

    I do this one post workout at night.

    Pre workout, I have a 50g beef protein isolate shake.

    I'll lose weight doing this if I stop following it with about a bajillion beers

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    Holy Crap G.I.T.! You drink that all in one sitting! That's a lot of juice, probably had to work up to that? I think I'd get sick trying to drink that all in one sitting.

    Just some other tips I'd recommend for this thread. A poster had mentioned all the fiber you will lose by juicing. If this is a concern, you can always add some of the pulp back into your juice (you know the stuff that shot out the back end of the juicer).

    Also no one has mentioned juicing beets. Try throwing one of these into a predominately vegetable blend and see how it helps sweeten it up. Also gives a cool purple color (stains my juicer though), and had a cat knock over a glass full of juice with Beet Juice in it on the carpet once! I still have the carpet, but not the cat. Nothing bad happened to him...he lives at my parent's farm now. Good thing I rent. The beets are good but can be too earthy.

    For predominately vegetable juice blends I find that beets, carrots, apples, or pears really work well in helping sweeten up the flavor a little making those concoctions of broccoli, spinach, kale, celery...etc palatable!


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