I don't think I could ever hurt or kill an animal. I've been like this as long as I can remember. Every man in my family has always been an avid hunter except for me. My dad tried to indoctrinate me into the sport hunting small game, and the closest I ever came to killing anything was a squirrel. Once. It was on the side of a tree about fifty yards away from us, and I remember going through every round in that bolt-action .22 rifle "trying" to hit it. In reality, I was aiming away from it. The fucker clung to the side of that tree in the same position the entire time, as round after round fired by me exploded the bark around it. While I was re-loading, it finally took off and I started crying. My dad initially thought that I was crying because I'd failed to complete my "first kill", until I tearfully told him that I didn't want to kill the squirrel. I was maybe ten at the time. This marked the beginning of a divide between my father and I that exists to this day which includes several other affirmations of machoism like NFL football worship that I never needed to validate my identity as a man.

Anyway, long story short....I eat meat. Copious amounts, and I feel like a hypocrite for doing so. Are there any vegetarians here who could provide me with any insight as to how they made the switch? Was it hard on your body? Was it hard to adjust to? This is something I've been thinking about doing for a VERY long time, and am really thinking about starting in the near future.