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Thread: The beer making thread

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    The beer making thread

    Hello gents. I know you can't eat beer, but there is some cooking involved. This is a new hobby of mine (less than 50 gallons made) and thought This would be a good place to find input and opinions on the hobby/talent. I know others are doing this, but a thread to share experiences(good and bad) could be of great help to MGTOW that need a new hobby, or are just curious. I'm currently working my way through the various kits out there to find a fav. or two. I realize that is not real beer making, but it is the easiest way for a new guy to get good results. I plan to make my way through all the kits, and then find a favorite to tweek to my liking. That's when the real beer making will begin. My favorite kit so far is the German dark. So good it never even got bottled. I don't heat the top floor of my house in the winter so it stays at a constant 45 F all winter. Perfect spot for beer.(I think) I guess the end game of this journey is to clone something like Mc Ewans scotch ale($12 US dollars for six when I can find it) or something like Pilsner Urquell with some honey tones. There's just so much to try. So beer barons world-wide would you like to share some of your tricks and/or trials on this hobby?

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    I make my own beer. Just brewed up a Blond Ale last night, and it's bubbling away right now.

    I started by buying the Coopers kit online for around $100. I followed the instructions, but it didn't come out all that well. Tasted like watered down shandy. Looked around the net and found John Palmer's site 'How To Brew'

    How to Brew - By John Palmer - A Crash Course in Brewing

    That became my brewing bible.

    My next few beers I made following his advice, and they were knock-out good. After that, I switched from using canned malt extract to using grain, and after a few initial awful brews, finally got some that were good, and then slowly got better and better.

    Been at it now for almost 2 years. I brew only 2 gallons at a time (most home-brewers do 5 or 10 gallons) so that I have 7-8 different styles fermenting continuously, which means I can keep that many different strains of yeast active without having to try and store them, or keep buying new stock. It also means I learn a lot faster, since I'm brewing up a new batch every week, rather than once a month.

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