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Nacho Vidal

The Truth about Fathersí Rights

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Most of us have heard about the high-profile media stunts pulled off by campaign groups like Fathers 4 Justice - such as men dressed as superheroes scaling government buildings Ė but what is meant by Ďfatherís rightsí and what is it exactly that groups like these are protesting about?

Justice for all?

It may come as a surprise to many of us but the UK legal system allows any mother to stop contact between a child and its father - without any punishment whatsoever. Thousands of children and dads suffer because this unfair law allows mothers the power to deny their children access to their own parent. Being married doesnít make a difference either, any mother can stop access to a father and thereís nothing you can do to force a mother to give you access unless she agrees to it.

Discrimination in law

Itís generally accepted in many legal and non-legal quarters that a degree of discrimination exists against fathers in family law. Divorced fathers are often seen as a potential danger to their children unless it can be proven that allegations made against them by a disgruntled ex are unfounded. Until that point is reached, they are often denied meaningful contact with their children. Surely a good father should be permitted to share in the parenting of his children by default - without the need for him to battle in the courts, often at great financial expense? Itís a terrible shame that our UK family court system still fails to understand or accept the idea that the best interests of a child are served by allowing a father full access to parent his children.

Equal parenting rights

Many fatherís Rights groups are unfairly dismissed as anti-feminist or even sexist but the truth of the matter is that fathers should have equal parenting rights along with the childrenís mother. This way, children are given a happier balance and society becomes a much fairer place. Itís often still that case that in the vast majority of separations itís the man that leaves the family home - whether or not he is responsible - and women use the fact that itís cultural acceptable for the mother to be the one who keeps the family home and the kids. Another battle that many fathers have to fight is against media bias. The rise of feminism has sometimes lead to a state of Ďpolitical-correctness-gone-madí, where men are often painted in a negative light regarding stories of separation.

Fathers on a mission

The main aim of Fatherís Rights groups is maintain equality and ensure that ANY parent that causes harm to their own children (physically or emotionally) or any other child should be punished severely, without exception. The hope is that children continue and re-establish relationships with their dads, which may be under attack by parental alienation and hostility between feuding parents. Fatherís rights groups want to encourage caring, loving parents that want to give children the best upbringing they can.

For more information, please visit:

Families Need Fathers

Fathers 4 Justice

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  1. hasmat's Avatar
    The USSA has the same laws. Enforced on men, enforced by women.

    Until the laws apply, equally, to both parties...... It's just a fucking scam.