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Thread: Yolo, of the 9 fingered. And the lunch date of DOOM!

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    Yolo, of the 9 fingered. And the lunch date of DOOM!

    (warning, It's long)

    So I work in Vegas, I do shows.
    Now the cool shows, no. The convention shows. And before anyone asks, YES I can get you tickets, but ONLY to the shoes I WORK ON.

    Who wants to attend the pingpong championships? Men's combover nationals? The Breastmilk cheese sampler invitational?

    If so, send me a pm.

    If you want a real show, then you gots to spend REAL DOUGH.

    Anywho, I'm on this gig called Kitchen and Bath, I have to go in to focus lighting that has already been put up. So what if some one wants to put some razzle on their toilet dazzle? They're paying me!

    I enter the booth to see this short, squat, semi cute, "mushroom handles" princess.

    Big Head: nope.

    Little head: But she's got a cute face.

    Yolo: Hey which way you want these lights?

    Big Bumsnatch: Face this one this way, down.

    Yolo: Down you say? An amazing concept in lighting direction. your good at what you do.

    Big Bumsnatch Snarls up face.

    Yolo Smiles.

    Big Head: nope.

    Little Head: But she's easy. probably very easy.

    Big Head: Nope.

    Little Head:She has a joooooobbb.

    Big Head: Nope. and no job.

    Wow - Guys, i didn't realize this somehow got deleted - maybe I fell asleep on the keyboard again?
    (any way to recover the original post? It was good, sorry I didn't save it)
    Sorry about that.

    In short, my penis saw an easy mark, fat chubby, easy lay that was already enamored with my ability to give her her shit back by not giving a shit.

    A female co-worker suggested a hookup

    I was not against it under the following terms "no effort will be given, no bullshit will be endured,panties guaranteed dropped, none shall ever speak of this, no clinging, silence is foo"

    Instead of a burrito - and a dash to the service hallway for a "dirty fuck and head" combo,

    I actually sat down and ate with this chick (dutch). I was hungry!

    Only to find out she isn't JUST ghetto - she's GUTTER - and proud of it.


    MY dick backed off of the "GUTTER PROUDNESS."

    MY HEAD backed off of the "FORMAN BESTIE"

    And my mouth yelled "Check please."

    You can't treat a ho like a housewife.

    I fucked up. I wanted to eat, then possibly MEAT (and then place that in "That Fat Ho needed dick" Yolo shame files).

    This chubster wanted the meat to go.

    And upon 20 minutes of conversation that wasn't me Pumping her ego and warming her pussy up for the "back hallway fuck" . I said NO.

    She actually got my meat lance AND my Thinking Head to agree.

    HELL. TO. THE. NO.

    Am Independent, freelance contractor. Wall-ho.

    But after what I saw at that table. I took my dick and walked.

    Didn't even kiss her goodbye.

    "No sir, I didn't Like it."
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